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    DPD is activity development and modeling that enables automated provisioning, management, monitoring,  reporting

     for results.

    What is Deterministic Process Design?

    Deterministic Process Design* is an activity design model in which processes have no randomness, which frequently happens when teams have no framework or "guard rails" for work execution.  The deterministic approach enables automated provisioning, work flow metrics, and work in progress monitoring.

    DevOps delivers tremendous advantages through automation of processes. Designing processes that can be automated across your entire  value stream requires a new approach to process design.  

    The acceleration of process from development through deployment also puts increasing pressure on the requirements collection and provisioning processes.  Automated processes and requirements management drive clarity of expectations and consistency of process which in turn provides practitioners with an environment conducive to focusing on the work, with reduced distraction from work discovery and low- to no-value-added administrative work.   

    Deterministic Process Design* enables rules based process work flow which can be automated using commonly available software tools.  This additionally provides significant benefits by providing intellectual property and asset protection, version control, improved availability to distributed teams, and re-use. 

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    As the pace of work keeps accelerating, the need to automate increases.  At the same time, we need to simplify the growing complexity of the development and delivery of solutions to our customers, and of capabilities to our associates.   Taking a deterministic approach enables automation that can simplify how resources manage their work, evolve processes and practices, and all while making it easier to navigate through shifting priorities. 

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    With more than 30 years experience in business and IT, we blend the two using a unique approach to helping you define what you do. These processes enable automation for DevOps implementations and are designed to empower your technical and business teams, and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed in your digital transformation.

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    Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify current state and opportunities based on your objectives.  Then together, we'll develop a proposal that addresses your specific needs, whether it is a strategic approach, tactical planning, or operational architecture development. We also can help with filling any gaps in your technology landscape and/or getting the right kind of help from the right kind of technology vendors (or work with yours).

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    We have spent years developing and refining these approaches, and have worked with small, medium and Fortune 100 companies to reach this unrivaled capability.   We literally "wrote the book".


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